Recognizing that infertility can be painful and treatment programs can be emotionally and physically draining, emphasis on patient care has thus been a focus. Our center responds by being sensitive to our patients needs by simplifying the treatment programmes and providing counseling support. Each patient is given individual and personalized attention to reduce the emotional turbulence that is common during fertility treatment. Prior to fertility treatment, a counseling session with a specialist in reproductive medicine and counselor psychologist is arranged. Counseling helps couple to understand the treatment options, evaluate their decisions and prepare them physically and psychologically for the treatment.

VFRC provides supportive counseling to the patient and concerned family members which includes the facilitation of the expression of concerns and the distress experienced, validation of these concerns and distress, the normalization of such experiences, provision of such experiences, provision of information correction of misconceptions or unwanted misgivings, strengthening, coping mechanism and mobilizing social and family support. Crisis condition are best averted by supportive counseling that aims to provide patients with opportunities to anticipate potential losses and to learn and practice new adaptive behavior that could enhance their ability to cope with infertility and associated medical procedures and failures.