Dr. R. Nithya


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Aesthetic Gynaecologist

Dr.R.Nithya MS O&G, PGDCC is the Medical Director and Founder of “Lumiere Aesthetiic Centre” has a unique and privileged position in the world of Cosmetic Gynecology. This is an exclusive clinic, that caters to needs, to guide, treat and to spread awareness about PCOS, stress urinary incontinence and Cosmetic Gynecology treatments for women.

Dr. R. Nithya has received her master’s degree in Obstetrics & Gynecology and PG diploma in clinical Cosmetology. She is a fellowship in Laparoscopic endogynecology. She has persuaded her advanced training in infertility, IVF and PCOS programs.

“Relieve the clients from PCOS, urinary incontinence and intimate problems
by continuing the innovation in regenerating Science & Technology.”

In addition to it, she has consultations as follows:

Her goal is to fulfill every patient’s dream, by thorough consultation of pre-existing health conditions and understanding the patient’s life-style and then prescribing a personalized treatment plan using the approved technologies and scientifically proven products while promoting health and balanced enhancement. This reputation not only cured the concerns but also created awareness amongst the clients.

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