Poly cystic ovary syndrome is a common endocrine system disorder among women of reproductive age, which is the leading cause of infertility in women. It is a polygenic multifactorial and heterogeneous disorder of uncertain ecology, there is strong evidence that it is a genetic disease. This syndrome first described by stain leventhal in 1935, as a classical combination of amenorrhea, hirsuitism and polycystic ovaries. Clinical expression various but commonly includes hyperandiogenism ovulatory dysfunction and polycystic appearance of ovaries. Management of infertility was the main concern previously in women with PCOS with the understanding of the fact that insulin resistance and the associated hyperinsulinemia is the key to the patho physiology of the syndrome led to research about the long term consequences of the syndrome. There is ample evidence that women with PCOS are at a 7times greater risk of developing type II diabetes mellitus, coronary artery disease and endometrial cancer. Our team aims at not only the temporary ovulatory dysfunction correction and infertility treatment but also uses this as a platform to insist the women with PCOS to focus a more of a life style modification.

  • Reduce androgen level to correct hirsuitism, improve lipid profile.

  • Improve insulin sensitivity so as to decrease insulin level and prevent development of diabetes.

  • Protect the endometrium from developing hyperplasia and malignancy.

  • Prevent the cardiovascular effects of altered lipid profile.

  • Ovulation induction if pregnancy is desired.