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Vamsam Fertility Research Centre was founded in 2007 by Dr.Paramasivam and Dr.Silambuselvi whose vision of providing high quality, comprehensive, infertility treatment delivered with compassion and personalized care is the cornerstone of our fertility centre.

Infertility can be stressful time for couples and many studies reflect the negative impact this can have on success. VFRC is dedicated to making your journey an easier one. Our philosophy is to provide the highest standard of individualized medical care combined with a stressfree approach. This is reflected in our highest success rates with our couples achieving their dream of having a baby.

We believe every patient is different, every couple is different, and every problem is different. That's why we provide a full spectrum of care tailored to fit the specific needs of each individual patients or couple. We at Vamsam Fertility Research Centre will not only help you become pregnant, but also help you carry out your baby full term. This holistic approach is one of the many factors that set us apart from other centres.

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Vamsam Fertility Treatments

Ovulation induction

What is ovulation induction?
It involves taking medication to induce ovulation by encouraging eggs to develop in the ovaries & released , increasing the chance of conception through artificial insemination or timed intercourse.
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What is PESA?
Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration(PESA) is a non surgical process that involves passing a small needle directly into the head of epididymis via scrotal skin.
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What is IUI?
Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a type of fertility treatment that is done to facilitate fertilization by placing sperm inside the famele uterus.
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What is TESA?
Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA) involves insertion of needle in the testis & aspirating fluid & tissue with a negative pressure.
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Oocyte Donation

What is Oocyte Donation?
Oocyte donation is a part of modern assisted reproductive care involving the use of donated oocytes, made use by woman with many reproductive disorders & aged women.
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What is Laparoscopy?
It is a type of open surgery that involves making an incision of several inches(<12 inches) long in the abdomen.
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