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28 years old female who is residing at UK presented with 24 weeks of gestations first time to us. Scan revealed bulging membrane through the incompetent os with cervical length of 1.8 cm. We posted her for emergency encirclage after explaining the risk factor. She had one abortion for congenital anomaly at 16 Weeks gestation one year back. After surgery patient was under our special care. Biweekly monitoring of CRP, Vaginal swab, CBC was done. She had oligohydromnios also. We have taken her 10 more with special care, after that in view of reduced fetal movement with fetal distress we planned termination. An alive male baby which was delivered by caesarian section. Baby handed over to mother after 4 days of NICU care. Baby and mother saved well without any complications.

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    Keen on ivf.please reply

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