Coimbatore - 93601-92939 | Tirunelveli - 93611-92939 | Trichy - 93613-92939 | Ooty - 96553-83344 | Arakkonam - 80982-33344

32 year old female with marrital history of 2 years presented to us. She is a known case of secondary amenorrhea 10 years duration. While investigation we found infantile uterus with unvisualised ovaries. Her FSH was 39.82, LH was 14.27. Hysteroscope revealed small uterine cavity with bald endometrium. Male partner was newly diagnosed diabetes with SFA within normal limit. We planned her for DO-ICSI. We prepared her endometrium for 4 months. ET was done after that which was negative. Again with this lots of effort and hope was on endometrial preparation for 18 months and ET was done on 2013. It was Successful. Patient had twin gestation. Antenatal period she developed GDM. We delivered her at 36 weeks of gestation through Caesarean section at our fertility centre in Tirunelveli.

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