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About Me:
  • Dr.Sujatha Suresh is a senior embryologist and lab manager at our centre. She received her embryology training from Ms.Natalie Van Gramberg Price, Director, Down under fertility services, Australia in Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital from 2003-2005.She was a junior embryologist there till 2007. She joined hands in our centre as an embryologist from 2009 till date.
  • She pursued her Ph.D in biochemistry in the year of 2010 in Bharatiyar university Coimbatore Research titled “Assessment of oocyte quality with AMH, Inhibin B in serum and follicular fluid and predicting pregnancy outcome with sperm DNA fragmentation in ART cycle” She underwent training in embryology and updated new techniques from Visaz, Mumbai and Singapore. Early in 2014 she was recognized with the position of senior embryologist and Lab manager with the objective of maintaining high success rates and implementing new techniques.