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All foreigners visiting India (on Medical Visa), within 14 days of arrival are required to get registered with the Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) so as to ease your agreement registration process. Vamsam Fertility Research Centre assists with all documents and formalities required so that you have a hassle-free process. Embassies / Consulates of most countries are located in Chennai, thus ensuring easy facilitation and completion of process in a shorter time as compared to other cities. Some embassies are in Delhi and we will help to forward the documents.

Online enquiry by the patients by sending duly filled in enquiry forms, attached with the patient medical reports.

The Vamsam Fertility Research Centre Overseas Patient Care team will respond with following details

  • Answers to all preliminary queries by the patients
  • Approximate Cost estimate for the treatment
  • Approximate Duration of treatment
  • Available In patient Accommodation & Canteen Facilities
  • Availability of Guest House or Rented House & Approximate Rent
  • When the patient confirms their travel program , the hospital overseas team send them relevant letter for Medical VISA to the patient & Attendant if accompanying.
  • The Foreign Patient shall have to get the Medical VISA and confirms their visit schedule. You can apply for medical visa at
  • Vamsam Fertility Centre Overseas Team will arrange accommodation & coordinator to receive them.
  • On their Visit the Coordinator shall verify the passport & Medical VISA for correctness so that their registration with the Foreigner’s Regional Registeration Office is hassle free.
  • The Visitors shall have to register their name with the Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office (FRRO).
  • For extension of Medical VISA the same procedure is followed in addition to that the documents are to be forwarded to the bureau of immigration and further to the consulate of the their respective nation. Appropriate assistance & guidance will be provided by the Vamsam Fertility Research Centre Overseas Patient Care team.
  • Appointment with the relevant specialist made as per schedule.
  • During the consultation the specialist scrutinizes all the medical reports of the patient , explains in detail of the observation , treatment & its outcome. If necessary required diagnosis are suggested to finalize the type of treatment. The specialist shall take maximum effort to explain the complications and all available alternatives and the possible outcome of the treatment.
  • Once the necessary consent is obtained from the patient the treatment is started.
  • After the treatment appropriate recuperation is ensured in the hospital and after the consultant is medically satisfied that now the patient can return to his country.
  • Suitable provisions for on –line follow-ups are made available for the foreign patient to ensure to receive his/her post treatment medications appropriately.