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44 year old female who attained menopause 2 years back came to us with History of primary infertility. We evaluated her. Her USG showed multiple fibroid with varying degree of degeneration. Hysteroscope revealed cavity adequate with fibroid polyp(The same removed).

Her AMH was low (0.41), FSH was elevated (81.85), LH was 30.14. Previous treatment history revealed two IUI failures. Patient had undergone myomectomy also. Male partner revealed oligo terato zoospermia with poor normal forms. We planned for DO-ICSI.

We prepared him with antioxidant and micronutrients. Mean while endometrial preparation was done for her. ET done on 2014 and turned to be positive with twin gestational sac. During antenatal period she developed PIH & DM. With our special care we delivered and given her girl babies by caesarean section at 37 completed weeks.

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